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Welcome to Ambestworld, your online destination for bags and luggages in the Middle East. We offer an ever expanding selection of the most desirable brands at attractive prices, all delivered for free directly to your doorstep. With a risk-free 14 day returns policy and a commitment to customer service, Ambestworld is the safest and most secure way to shop online.


  • Visit us on  and select the items you like by clicking on the item, selecting your preferred size and quantity and finally clicking on “Go to Cart”
  • “Proceed to secure checkout” if you are done shopping.
  • Customer can login or register through the link login
  • Choose your shipping address then “Go to payment”.
  • Choose your desired payment method and click on “Buy Now”. Stay relaxed, we will take care of the rest!
  • Click on login  link at the top right of the page.You will get one option for login as an existing customer else you can register as a new customer.
  • Please complete all fields marked with * accurately
  • Click on save.
  • Congratulations! You now have an account and are ready to start shopping!
It is very important for you to have an account and login in order to have full access at Ambestworld. For convenience and security reasons, we need to know your account details in order to allow you to shop with us. If you still do not have an account, please create an account.
We have a physical store. View our Contact Us Page.
For COD (Cash on delivery) orders, we need to make sure your phone number is valid so our courier can get in touch with you to schedule the delivery. When you finish placing your order, we will send a verification code to your mobile. Then we will redirect you to a page where you can enter that code to verify your phone number.
If you didn’t verify your phone number on checkout and you are a new customer, we cannot confirm your “Cash on Delivery” order until we call you - so hang on tight to your phone! Good news is that once your phone number has been verified, you will not have to go through the phone verification again if you use the same details.
We have an Arabic website. Please click on the corresponding link at the top right of the page to shift to the Arabic version. Enjoy shopping in Arabic!


At Ambestworld we are proud to offer a hassle free return/exchange policy within the GCC. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from Anbestworld follow the steps below:
  • Contact our customer service team via the Contact Us form or call us at +97142233955 in the UAE to initiate the process.
  • We will inform our courier to pick up the item from your doorstep within 2 working days. We won’t keep you waiting!
We provide our customers with a 14-day notice period of returns. Please note that the items must be in the original packaging and must be unused.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer cash back or Credit Card/PayPal refunds. This means that if you place an order and you are not satisfied by the product received, we give you the possibility to return it for free - we would pay the return shipping fees and would issue you credit for the value of the item that you are returning. This will give you the opportunity to choose the size that suits you or to order another item altogether!
For cancellation you can contact us through +97142233955


Credit Cards
At Ambestworld our preferred payment method is via a secure credit card transaction. Rest assured, your card number will be protected using industry-leading encryption standards. We guarantee a safe shopping experience on our website. We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Orders completed with credit cards will not be charged any additional fees.
Cash on Delivery
For customers without access to a credit card, we accept Cash on Delivery (COD) as an alternative payment method. Using this service, you can select to pay in cash to the delivery agent upon receiving your order.
We at Ambestworld are proud to offer PayPal as a method of payment! All you have to do is select PayPal as a payment method (after filling in your customer information) and proceed to 'Buy now.' You will be redirected to your PayPal account where all your debit or credit card details and address will be displayed, as well as your desired purchase. When you click "Pay Now" the amount will be sent to Ambestworld. If you do not click "Pay Now" within 30 minutes, your order will be cancelled.
We actually use industry-leading encryption standards! This encrypts the data you provide to us, ensures it is safe and not accessible to any third party. From your side, the most important is to protect your password. Your data is only used to process orders and to serve you better. It will be under no circumstances disclosed to any third party. For more information, please check Terms & Conditions
Double check the following common mistakes:
  • Is the card you used for ATM use only?
  • Some cards are not enabled for eCommerce Shopping, Contact your bank to enable your card for online shopping.
  • Did you complete the 3D Secure Check successfully?
  • In order to avail of 3D Secure authentication you must register your credit/debit card. This is a one time process which takes place on the card issuer’s (Bank) website. the process involves the cardholder answering several security questions to which only the card issuer and cardholder will know the answer. The cardholder then selects a password and/or a secret question, which will be used by the card issuer during each online transaction. Contact your bank If you are facing any problems with 3D secure
  • Were the following fields entered correctly – card number, name on card, CVV code, expiry date?
  • Turn your card over and look at the signature box. You should see a special 3-digit code. This 3-digit code is your CVV number / Card Security Code.
  • Is there sufficient limit on your credit card?
  • If the above conditions are met, call your bank to check if your credit card is eligible for online purchases or if there is any other reason blocking it.
If the above conditions are met, call your bank to check if your credit card is eligible for online purchases or if there is any other reason blocking it.

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